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Bath Property Drying following water ingress or flooding

If your property is suffering from damp or standing water after a leak or flood, our specialist drying team will be able to quickly fix the problem, minimising damage as far as possible.

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Bath Property Drying

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Our dedicated property drying team covers Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas.

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Our property driers use the latest drying methods & equipment which have been shown to reduce costs & time taken by nearly 30%. From our research, this makes us one of the lowest priced property drying companies in the South West.

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Our property drying team has been deemed excellent by groups such as Safe Contractor, Trustmark, Trading Standards, Buying Force and Construction Skills.

Bath Property Drying

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Our efficient drying methods mean that only the drying equipment needed for the job is used, reducing costs & minimising disruption.

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We have been shortlisted for awards at both the 2014 and 2015 South West Built Environment Awards including SME of the year.

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Our operatives and work practices are closely examined each year by the below organisations. Our company is certified to provide a high standard of work.

Types of water damage

Water is often described as the most destructive single element to properties. The longer the water damage remains, the worse the effects, which can include illness (even death in the case of class 4 water) and structural property weakness.

Water damage is classed into four categories by qualified drying experts, ranging from clean to red.

Class 1 - 'Clean' Water

If the water in your property results from a sanitary source that is safe to ingest it is termed clean water. Examples would include broken water pipes, rainwater or water supply issues.

Class 2 - 'Grey Water'

Water with moderate levels of contamination such as dirty bath water, aquarium water or discharges from dishwasher/washing machines is termed Grey water. If clean water has been left to stagnate for 2-7 days it will move to the grey classification.

Class 3 - 'Black Water'

High levels of contamination including all sewage incidents, sea water, river or stream water is termed black water. If grey water has been left to stagnate for 2-5 days it will move to the black classification. This kind of water will potentially contain unsafe levels of microbes and all children under 5 years old, elderly or those with allergies or respiratory systems should stay away from the site until the property has been dried.

Class 4 - 'Red' (Hazardous)

If the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) deems the water to be a hazardous substance, then the water is classed as red. Red water has the potential to cause sickness, debilitating damage or death. Examples of red water would include water contaminated by radioactive material, fuel or oil, mutagenic chemicals, solvents or heavy metals.