What Electrical Work is Notifiable?

Regulation 12(6A) of the Building Regulations 2013 states that some types of electrical work must be notified to building control.

The notification must consist of either a building notice or through depositing full plans. Typically an electrician (such as ourselves) will be registered with the NICEIC or ELECA which will handle these notifications. Should any works require notifications, our electricians will use the NICEIC website to register the notification online. The process takes only a few minutes and can be done from anywhere on their smartphones.

What are the notifiable works?

  1. The installation of a new circuit
  2. the replacement of a consumer unit
  3. The addition or alteration to existing circuits in special locations.

What counts as a special location?

This all comes down to the proximity of the circuit to water.

Any room containing a swimming pool or a sauna heater counts.

Additionally, if the circuit is in close proximity to a bath or shower, then it will likely also count. The below diagram shows the area in which a circuit becomes notifiable.

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